Dental Health and The Keto Diet

Dental Health and The Keto Diet

December 22, 2020

Most people have heard about the Keto Diet. With so much hype, such fad diets are all the rage. Keto has grown in popularity due to rapid weight loss. But all of those dieters probably don’t question the effect on teeth. Is constant ketosis compatible with oral health?

A Body in Ketosis and Foul Breath

Typically, the keto diet consists of low-carb vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, and nuts. Sugar is missing from this way of eating. That is always best for the condition of your gums and teeth. Less sugar equals a reduction in mouth bacteria. However, there is one undesirable consequence that comes with this trend: keto breath.

The odor usually has a fruity or acetone smell. If mouth bacteria accompany the scent, the result can be nasty dragon breath. While this unpleasant side effect is a sign that the diet is working, who wants to emit foul breath?

How to Avoid Keto Dragon Breath

You can prevent keto breath by practicing good oral hygiene habits every day. It can be that simple and keep up with regular visits to our dentist near you at South Star Dental. Also, try the following tips:

Boost your daily water intake: When you reduce your food intake, your mouth produces less saliva. Naturally, you will lose your usual appetite when you start the keto diet. As a result, you eat less frequently, and your mouth gets dryer. Saliva helps control bacteria buildup in your mouth. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated, and keep the drool flowing.

Brush after every meal: It might be hard to prevent keto breath completely with less saliva, but it can help to clean your teeth after you eat. Therefore, brush, floss, and rinse with an alcohol-free mouth wash. Please stay away from alcohol-laden mouthwashes because they may increase the drying effect.

Ease into the new diet: Instead of going in full force, cut out the carbs gradually. Doing so will allow your body time to adapt to the change. Then you won’t release quite as many ketones at once.

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