Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams and Cleanings in La Marque, TX

At South Star Dental, we believe in preventing mouth issues before they start. Your oral health has a direct impact on your whole body’s health. For that reason, good dental care at home is crucial to keep your teeth and gums looking great. It is also necessary to visit Dr. Saurabh Mankotia regularly for preventive treatments. By keeping up with exams and cleanings every six months, you can avoid painful and costly restorative procedures.

By seeing our La Marque, TX dentist for routine exams and cleanings, you can:

  • Enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime
  • Minimize tooth stains for a brighter smile
  • Ward off cavities, breath odor, and gum disease
  • Save money by avoiding extensive and expensive dental treatments
  • Spend less time in the dental chair

Comprehensive Dental Exam Near You

At your preventive care visit, Dr. Saurabh Mankotia will inspect your gums and teeth thoroughly. Our dentist near you will look for signs of decay, disease, and other health concerns. We may also take x-rays to uncover any problems beneath the surface. Whether the images are digital or traditional, they will provide a clearer picture of what is going on with your teeth and gums.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Either our La Marque, TX dentist or a hygienist will clean your teeth. We start the process by checking every tooth surface for cavities. Also, we examine your existing dental work for signs of wear or damage. A periodontal exam is also performed at routine visits to inspect the depth of your gum pockets. If signs of gum disease or bone loss are detected, expect to schedule another appointment. But if your smile appears to be very healthy, we will see you in six months.

Then, a dental professional will clean your teeth carefully using special tools. We focus on removing all traces of plaque and tartar. Next, our dentist or hygienist will floss and polish your smile. If you scheduled a fluoride treatment or sealants, now is the time for those procedures.

Feel free to ask any questions during your preventive care visit. We are happy to offer instructions on proper brushing and flossing and a mouth-friendly diet. Schedule a consultation today!

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