Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in La Marque, TX

A glowing grin says a lot about who you are and how well you care for yourself. People remember you for it in a positive way. This is because white, shiny teeth are a sign of health, youth, and vitality. So, if you have a stained or discolored smile, you might be reluctant to show it off. For this reason, many people are getting their teeth whitened in recent years. Professional dental whitening near you is one of the most affordable ways to look and feel better. Call our cosmetic dentist near you at South Star Dental today to schedule a consultation.

How do Adult Teeth Lose Their Luster?

The first set of teeth are much whiter than the second round. As we grow older, adult teeth tend to get darker in color, yellowish, or stained. That is why a bright smile is associated with youth.

There are many reasons why teeth become dull over the years. Heavily pigmented foods and drinks, antibiotic use, and genetics can all contribute to tooth discoloration. Sometimes the enamel gets darker for seemingly no specific cause.

Internal discoloration is often the result of changes in enamel and dentin. This is often indicative of root canal therapy, excessive exposure to fluoride, decay, antibiotic use early in life, and many more reasons. External factors include coffee, tea, tannins in food, and a plethora of other causes.

For a brighter, more youthful smile, there are several teeth whitening methods available. The most effective treatments are done professionally in a La Marque, TX dental office or dentist-supervised at home.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Near You

The preferred and best option is professional whitening at South Star Dental. This is because Dr. Saurabh Mankotia has access to more potent bleaching agents. Even more, your La Marque, TX dentist has the experience and skills to protect your mouth from exposure to harsh peroxide. The high-quality bleaching gel can transform the appearance of your discolored teeth in a single visit. Your smile can become up to 10 shades whiter. So, in about 60 minutes, you can have stunning teeth for several years.

In-house whitening is the first step. Your dentist in La Marque, TX will likely suggest a take-home bleaching kit to extend your brilliant results. Consult with our dentist today to get professional teeth whitening near Texas City, 77591 in La Marque, TX!