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Tooth Fillings in La Marque, TX

Even with all the advances in oral care and dental hygiene, decay still happens. Cavities remain a problem for both kids and adults. Without timely treatment, tooth damage can cause more severe health concerns. The decay can spread, an abscess may form, and eventually, tooth loss can result. For these reasons, it is essential to keep up with routine dentist visits. Regular checkups allow your La Marque, TX dentist to find early signs of decay. So, call South Star Dental today to schedule your six-month appointment.

Types of Filling Materials

Dr. Saurabh Mankotia uses a few different materials to fill cavities, including:

  • White composite: Less durable and more costly than silver, composite is the more attractive filling because it mimics your natural tooth color.
  • Porcelain/ceramic: Both attractive and durable, ceramic fillings offer the best of everything. But they do come with a higher price tag.
  • Glass ionomers: Also known as acrylic fillings, we typically use glass ionomers to repair decayed baby teeth. The material only lasts for five years or less. However, it is a good option for children with changing mouths because it releases fluoride for further cavity-fighting protection.

While each filling will efficiently repair a cavity, some materials are better than others for specific teeth. Your dentist in La Marque, TX is best equipped to determine the most suitable filling for your needs. At South Star Dental, we consider your desires, oral health, the location and severity of the decay, and your budget. Together we will plan the right course of treatment.

Restorative Dental Care Near You

Contact our dental clinic in La Marque, TX to schedule a routine appointment. Again, Dr. Saurabh Mankotia is the best one to decide which filling is most appropriate for your case. We will discuss all options with you. If you have further questions about fillings or any restorative treatments, get in touch with our staff today.

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