Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in La Marque, TX

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are porcelain sheets that protect and reshape imperfect teeth. The thin shells are very natural-looking and attractive. This type of dental work can change the color, size, and shape of a flawed tooth. In conjunction, veneers near you also add strength and resilience. So, do you have one or more misshapen, stained, or damaged teeth? If so, contact the knowledgeable team at South Star Dental. Schedule an appointment with our dentist in 77568 to determine if your smile will benefit from dental veneers. If not, we offer a full menu of cosmetic options to restore your beautiful smile.

How Dental Veneers Fix Tooth Flaws?

The process begins with a smile analysis. This process allows Dr. Saurabh Mankotia to create the most effective treatment plan for you. We want you to achieve the look you desire, along with good oral health. Your dentist will likely put together a diagnostic image. This mockup will allow you to view how your new veneers will appear when in place. Through advanced digital imaging, you can see if the final result is pleasing to you.

If you have one or more damaged or worn-down teeth, our cosmetic dentist near you may recommend veneers to replace the enamel. The thin ceramic layers blend in seamlessly with the existing tooth structure. Before the restoration is applied, Dr. Saurabh Mankotia must remove a small amount of enamel. This tooth preparation creates space for new dental work. As a result, the veneers will fit correctly, look great, and restore proper mouth function.

Get Tooth Veeneers Near You

For patients with discolored or misshapen teeth, custom-fitted veneers are a good solution.  Porcelain veneers can also repair fractured or broken teeth, correct a bad bite, close gaps between teeth, and more. Since dental whitening isn’t suitable for all patients with stained teeth, veneers can help.

Dental veneers are custom-crafted and sculpted for each individual. For that reason, it is virtually impossible to see where the restoration ends and the natural tooth begins. What’s more, the innovative ceramic material is resistant to food and beverage stains.  So, don’t wait to book your consultation to get dental veneers near Texas City, 77591 in La Marque, TX! Let’s get started on your new and improved smile.